Lada Kalina continues to rise

Lada Kalina continues to rise Lada Kalina continues to rise. According to IA `Ladaonline`, even if in winter, this car could be bought with pocket 228-230 thousand rubles, in the middle of June the price is already 254-260 thousand rubles And if we convert rubles into dollars, the picture is altogether strange-Russian Kalina now costs about $9 500. Although recommended `AVTOVAZ` retail price on the Lada Kalina is 240 911 rubles ($8900).auto.mail.ru16.06.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mercedes has gathered its last C-Class

Mercedes has gathered its last C-ClassOnly a few weeks left until the premiere of the next generation Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the last C-Class W203 sedan was already off of the conveyor of the plant Sindelfingen.`Since the launch of this series into production in 2000, was released more than 630 000 cars. I want to thank everyone who has made and will make their efforts to continue the production of Mercedes C-Class, one of the most popular cars in its class`, - said Vice President of plant Sindelfingen.carclub.ru15.12.2006. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Save even luxury

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Save even luxuryLuxury SUV Porsche Cayenne next year will boast advanced technology fuel savings. It was in 2010, it is planned to produce the first hybrid model from Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, which uses a power unit parallel operation of conventional internal combustion engine and the electric motor. The company's engineers say that the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid can do one electric traction at speeds of up to 138 km/H.This decision will be especially noticeable in the city, with endless traffic lights and congestion, minimizing fuel consumption and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Developed in conjunction with Volkswagen technology allows you to make only small changes in the design already produced models, and in no way reduces the free space in the cabin.carpark.ru24.02.2009. . Читать полностью -->

Honda and Nissan are in no hurry to increase the production of hybrid cars

Honda and Nissan are in no hurry to increase the production of hybrid cars At the motor show in new York, the head of Nissan Carlos Ghosn (Carlos Ghosn) stated that hybrid cars has not yet come, according to Vice-President of Honda dick Colliver (Dick Colliver) also reported that the company intends to reduce the release hybrid versions of the model Accord.According to Ghosn, Nissan will continue to work on hybrid engines and soon the customers will be offered a hybrid sedan Nissan Altima. However, the gon believes that the hybrid powertrain is a product of the future and that today it is difficult to profitably sell cars with such engines.Statement by the Vice President of Honda of the decrease in the production of a hybrid version of the Honda Accord due to reduced sales of this model. According to dick Colliver, hybrid motor Accord created on the basis of a gasoline engine V6 and buyers can't believe its efficiency. However, four-cylinder hybrid model Honda confidently continue to be sold.Leader in the production of cars with hybrid engines, Toyota is not going to reduce the release of "hybrids". On the contrary, at the motor show in new York, Toyota introduced the first car with an eight-cylinder hybrid engine: Executive sedan Lexus LS 600, the power of which is 430 horsepower.The ribbon.ru18.04.2006. Читать полностью -->

Suzuki SX4 started selling

Suzuki SX4 started sellingThe company Suzuki 4 July, the beginning of sales of the new compact SUV, which was named Suzuki SX4.This model was designed as a four-wheel drive compact four-door hatchback with a high cross.The exterior model is designed in a low-key design. Elongated, slightly slanted headlights, sharp features front bumper and grille, bent the arc of the wheel arches and massive rear bumper, effectively underlined convex rear lights wafting on the rear wings, according to the appearance of the sports car features.Black and silver color set the basic tone of the interior Suzuki SX4. All models, excluding equipment 1.5 E, you can find leather braid steering wheel. It is worth noting convenience driver seat and ergonomic layout of the main controls of the car.The developers have not forgotten about the passengers. The rear seats are 55 mm higher than the front, which allows to improve the view from the second row of seats.Suzuki SX4 comes with two types of engines: gasoline engine brand M15A displacement of 1.5 liters with the system timing DOHC VVT, the maximum power of this motor is 110 HP (81 kW) at 6.000 rpm and a maximum torque equal to 14.6 kg/m (143 N/m) at 4.000 rpm, the same power unit mounted on trucks Suzuki Swift Sport. The second support to a range of engines Suzuki SX4 motor is brand J20A volume of 2 liters with DOHC, its maximum capacity is 145 HP (107 kW) at 5.800 rpm and a maximum torque equal to 19.7 kg/m (193 N/m) at 4.000 rpm, this power unit equipped with the Suzuki Escudo.All Suzuki SX4 receive an automatic 4-speed transmission. Читать полностью -->

The beauty of Cadillac STS paid more attention to the

The beauty of Cadillac STS paid more attention to theAuto giant General Motors is starting to implement a new program, which focuses on the interior of the car and the trim. The first car designed according to this concept, became the Cadillac CTS, which debuted at the auto show in Detroit. And here we have photos of the interior of the new flagship lineup of Cadillac.New steering wheel is very similar to what was first seen in November SLS with its long wheelbase, designed for the Chinese market. So the experts were right: the beauty of the new STS will actually be similar to SLS sold in China. To assess the reality of this assumption pictures provided by GM.CarClub.ru16.02.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Alpina will present in Geneva new athlete - Vehicles

Alpina will present in Geneva new athlete - VehiclesFIA GT3 is one of the most rapidly developing areas of Motorsport and now is considered very prestigious. To participate in these races the German Alpina redid the Bavarian sixth series. The best part about this is that Alpina B6 GT3 will be available to absolutely everyone.To fit the "six" under the standards GT3, Alpina has worked wonderfully well: low center of gravity, 18-inch wheels on Michelin tires, a 4.4-liter V8 engine with 530 HP, controlled six-speed sequential gearbox.Alpina GT3 accelerates to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds., and the maximum speed that this model is developed on Nordschleife nГјrburgring, amounted to 285 km/h. Before Alpina B6 will go to race tracks, everyone will be able to admire it at the motor show in Geneva. Next to B6, by the way, you will see the new Alpina B7, about which we reported . Читать полностью -->

Updated Skoda Octavia will appear in Russia in December

Updated Skoda Octavia will appear in Russia in December Russian dealers of Skoda began taking orders for the updated model Octavia, presented in October at the Paris motor show. The first redesigned vehicles will appear in the salons of Russian dealers in December 2008.Major improvements to the front of the Skoda Octavia is a new expressive form of headlights, more imposing grille and a one-piece bumper. In the rear of the machine changed the rear lights and the shape of the bumper, which has become more dynamic and now equipped with built-in button lights. In the car the new design received the steering wheel, instrument panel (now with white backlight). In addition, are available to new materials trim all trim (Ambiente and Elegance).On the Russian market will be presented to the gasoline version of the redesigned model. All cars (1.4 TSI, 1.6 MPI, 1.8 TSI), as in the version of the hatchback and Combi will be assembled in Kaluga. Читать полностью -->

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